Koh Rong SS s

Cambodia has a tropical climate with two distinct seasons, the Wet and Dry, and throughout most of the country temperatures remain fairly constant. The average year-round temperature is around 27˚C (highest average 35˚C and lowest average 21˚C).

Dry Season - November to May

On the back of the northeast monsoon the Dry runs from November to May. You will experience some rain in November / December, but generally in short sharp afternoon showers that keep the temperatures down.

January / February is the driest time and the heat starts to build up markedly through April and May until the rains finally break.

Touring in April / May can be uncomfortable because of the heat, especially in the centre around Angkor. If you’re a beach bum, the Dry’s for you, as Kep, Sihanoukville and the outlying islands will be basking in brilliant sunshine with clear calm waters and hopefully a cooling breeze.

Wet Season - June to October

The southwest monsoon ushers in the Wet. Rainy days tend to have a few hours of heavy rain rather than being all-day downpours, though the latter does occur.

July through September are the wettest months and whilst travelling around the main sights during these 3 months is still generally OK, holidaying in the more remote areas will require flexibility, patience and tolerance to mud.

The coast is also generally best avoided from June to September as it bears the brunt of the monsoon rains with heavy afternoon thunderstorms. However as with most tropical coasts the days start with blue skies and the cloud bubbling up through the afternoon.

Our Month By Month Weather Guide offers more information and holiday suggestion. Alternatively please call as we’d be happy to discuss your holiday plans.