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Our blogs will shine a light on those areas that are new or receive less coverage, so hopefully inspiring you to get a little off the main tourist trail. 

Keep your Feet on the Ground

Most visitors to South East Asia want to include a number of destinations to create a touring holiday, but we’ve noticed since the Coronavirus pandemic an increase in demand for holidays that keep flying to a minimum. Here are just 4 of many that we regularly create.

Thailand’s Forgotten Far East

Think you’ve seen all that there is to see in Thailand? Think again, Isaan in the far east of the country is the least visited and perhaps largely because of this, the most fascinating region.

Ha Giang - Vietnam's Hidden Hill Country

Off the beaten track and largely ignored by Vietnam's millions of visitors, Ha Giang is a rugged and beautiful mountainous region that stretches north to China. Combine an overland tour here with the more established favourites and you’ll get a real sense of Vietnam.

Make the Most of the Mekong

The popularity of river cruising along the Mekong through Laos or from Vietnam to Cambodia (or vice versa) has never been higher, but the cost of a 7-10 night cruise can be prohibitive, so we offer other ways of making the most of this magical river.

Add A Splash Of Soft Adventure

Understandably most brochured itineraries concentrate on South East Asia’s iconic sights, but as each destination develops it becomes easier to add a splash of soft adventure and enjoy easy access to new experiences and to delve a little off the beaten track. We've highlighted a selection of example holidays that include a range of soft adventure options.

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