"Koh Kong Conservation Corridor” may not be the most evocative name, but this region is the most important ecotourism area in the country. Boasting the second-largest virgin rainforest on mainland Southeast Asia and the largest mangrove forests, it encompasses many of Cambodia’s most outstanding natural sites.

Exciting holiday experiences

Central to the corridor are the Cardamom Mountains, which are one of only two sites in the region where unbroken forests still connect mountain summits with the sea (the other is in Burma). Conservationists hope the Cardamoms will soon be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the rich potential is realised.

Located in the bottom southwest corner of Cambodia, this remoteness offered the necessary protection from the ecological disasters experienced in other parts of the country, but the isolation means that eco-tourism is just scratching the surface.

Cambodia’s infrastructure is improving and with this we will see the arrival of exciting holiday experiences. To date we only feature the Canvas & Orchid Retreats, a luxury, boutique resort that just happens to be floating on the beautifully unspoilt Tatai River amongst the mangrove forests. Made up of 12 luxury tents on floating pontoons and Island tents, Canvas & Orchid Retreats is at the forefront of Cambodia’s push to be a leader in luxury eco-tourism.  In tune with its natural surrounding it offers a wonderful window into a disappearing world.

Like a lot of the more remote areas of Cambodia, half the joy is getting there, as although it is a 4/5 hour ride from Phnom Penh you get the chance to see the rural heart of the country, made up of sporadic villages, never ending paddy fields and small farms. Your driver will be happy to stop for photos, answer any questions and help make the journey part of your holiday. At the end of the journey you may have too many photos of water buffalos, but you will have seen a glimpse of the real Cambodia and have some unique memories to take home.