Tad Fane Resort

Hotel Grade: Medium Class Lodge


Location, location, location - Tad Fane Resort is perched high on the Bolaven Plateau overlooking the spectacular Tad Fane waterfall that plummets 200 metres into a dramatic chasm. Easy access to stunning countryside is this simple resort’s main draw, as there are superb walks that explore the lush forests, waterfalls and rivers that cover the region. As you are over a 1000 metres up the whole landscape has a different character and temperatures are much more temperate, you may even need a sweater on a winter evening.


The facilities are simple as guests spend most of their time out exploring the beautiful surrounding countryside. It has an open air restaurant and bar where guests can enjoy a drink and meal in beautiful, natural surroundings. The restaurant serves Lao, Thai and western specialties. Don’t miss the chance to try the famous Bolaven coffee.


The bungalows are located along a windy path, surrounded by trees and serenaded by birdsong, with the twin waterfalls in the distance cascading into a dramatic chasm. Again it’s the setting as each bungalow is simple with ensuite facilities. No ceiling fan or air conditioning is needed because of the altitude.