Gal Oya Lodge

Grade - Boutique Medium Class Lodge


Gal Oya is one of the less visited national parks, but as visitors look for less trammelled areas that offer more nature and fewer tourists it stands out for its beautiful landscapes, abundant wildlife and even the chance to spot a swimming elephant on a boat safari. The chance to stay at the Gal Oya Lodge also adds to its allure and is currently the only place to stay near the park and offers a very comfortable base from which to enjoy a selection of excursions.


The only “facilities” that really matter are outside the Lodge as you’re here to explore the natural world, but in resort you’ll find a lovely central pool with a spectacular mountain backdrop and lounge with restaurant.

The park offers a selection of jungle rides, boat safaris and interactions with the local indigenous people, the Vedda. The lodge has on-site naturalists who will escort you on walks out into the bush and surrounding hills, and also explain their focus on conservation and understanding of the local environment through their research centre.


Made up of just 9 private bungalows and 1 family villa within a 20-acre private forest, the rooms are new, simple and rustic, but beautifully presented. Each is wooden in construction, with polished concrete floors, thatched roof and outdoor sitting area. There are fans (no air-con.), mosquito nets and a semi-outdoor bathroom. No Wi-Fi or phone signal.