Rajabori Villas

Medium Class Eco-Lodge


Kratie is a sleepy town that lies on the Mekong River in North East Cambodia, a crossroad for those touring through the country and on to Vietnam or Laos. The town itself is interesting if unremarkable, but across in the river you’ll find the island of Koh Trong, a part of Cambodia mostly spared from the modern world with no cars or roads, that allows visitors to immerse themselves in a rural idyll that can be cycled around. The other main draw are the river dolphins.

The Rajabori Villas offers a peaceful retreat in traditional Cambodian accommodation. It is fairly basic, but offers a rare chance to easily escape the main tourist trail and enjoy an authentic working village community. Perfect for those who value authenticity and local experiences above hotel comforts.


This property offers a restaurant, pool (river water) and free Wi-Fi. The free bicycles allow you to explore the 9 km track that circles the island. Shaded by the trees you have the Mekong on one side and villages on the other as you follow the flat sandy path past the people, farms and orchards that make the island their home. Just be prepared to shout a welcome to every child you see.


There are 10 traditional Khmer wooden houses that are designed to recreate an old style Cambodian village. Each has a ceiling fan, mosquito net and ensuite bathroom. Electricity is generated by the resort, so can be variable and only operates for part of the night.